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A History of Quality

In the dawn of the 1900s, John Thomas, Sr.’s, destiny as a farmer was sowed in a field outside Buffalo, New York, with a few sticks of dynamite. His father, Angelo, dynamited old stumps to clear the land in favor of beans and other vegetables. As an infant, he was out in the fields with his parents, even though he was too young to pick. “My mother put me in a bushel basket,” Thomas said. By the 1930s, the family was growing crops for canning: beans, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, raspberries and strawberries. During World War II, John Thomas's role as a food producer was so vital to the country that the government exempted him from military service. After the war, the industry in New York began to change, with vegetable growing for canning moving to other states.


Thomas had his eye on Florida, where he believed the fresh winter vegetable market could be a good one. By the late 1950s, Thomas had his first crop of beans, squash and bell peppers on 800 acres in southern Palm Beach County, founding Thomas Produce Company. Today, Mr. Thomas is joined by his seven children and hundreds of dedicated employees in providing quality vegetables to customers who want to be sure they are getting the freshest produce available.


A Commitment to the Future

The Thomas family has owned and operated its Florida farm and business since 1958. Today, Thomas Produce is recognized as the largest vegetable-growing operation in the state of Florida, with 13,000 acres in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Hendry counties.


Our mission is simple: to grow our food in harmony with nature, respecting the complex and subtle balance of our ecosystems. Our family’s goal is simple, too: to provide healthy, delicious food for you to enjoy today, tomorrow – and for generations to come.


A Pledge of Satisfaction

Thomas Produce generates over five million boxes each year of bell peppers, specialty peppers, squash, cucumbers and green beans – each grown, harvested and delivered at the peak of freshness and to the highest standards of quality. Our products are known by our family name and we will do whatever it takes to ensure their quality and your satisfaction.


About Us  ~

For over half a century, the Thomas Produce name has been synonymous with high quality produce. For us, it’s more than a family business. It's a tradition nurtured with pride and rooted in personal satisfaction – and a commitment to providing you with the freshest produce Mother Earth can serve up.

Growers, Packers and Shippers of Florida’s Finest Vegetables.

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